Democrats: Texas gov should disavow secession talk Democrats: Texas gov should disavow secession talk USA already finished, any Governor has the guts to call USA military up, any Governor can have right to announce their State Independent out of that sucking USA Fed. (Therefore, I realized that USA administration, no matter you call him Clinton or Bush, they all seeing US military as their enemy, that may explain how come Bush junior went to Iraq so frequently, Condi Rice, Pelosi, all wasted your tax money to go there for personal gangs. I am not sure which side 0bama standing, he's a liar, any side he stands all unaccountable. Like Chinese said "Yu.Bond.Sean.爭" can only created all losers, therefore, any good Governor of any State, should choose to side with US military and cut the Fed.Tie, to end liars public crimes.) Therefore, I realized that so called USA civil war, indeed the South called military up trying to Independent out of that sucking USA Fed., and it looked happening again, the difference is, this time the 591North has no way to win, because the stupid bad ugly evil Democrats can not lie on racist to tool fool we the people (How we the people needs to do better to help ourselfs from those liar abusers sold us out? How can we the people watch our soil <Why soil matters? Because the natural green is your water tree like Chinese said "Yao.Chain.Shoot", you have to have wild natural green to get Mother natural to have plenty raining fall to please those wild green wind, you lost soil, you lost wild green, you lost your raining days, you cannot have good Chinese said "Phone.Tyao.Yu.Swen". Therefore, I realized how come "LoYen" "JungShiauLin"@@JungShiauLin's older brother JungTieLin's wife "Gwall.月.Shot" dad "Gwall.Jean.Sheng" looked like "Formosa Group" founder "王永慶", "Gwall.月.Shot" sister "Gwall.月.Zheng" married to Danny Lain 連福仁, 連福仁Art. name Steve Chow 周治平; "Gwall.月.Shot" another sister "Gwall.月.Sin" said married to Taiwan "Sin.Drew" rich and famous family "Chen"; "Gwall.月.Shot" and JungTieLin brought "Gwall.月.Sin" daughter to H 裝潢onduras trying to in roll her in Honduras school Macris, they stayed more than a month, then, left, I wonder they may stolen???How dare they done like that, I think they did through TAiwan officially office connection the underground chained slavery terrors there, I remember Taiwan stationed official so called "武官" stayed at Honduras refused back to Taiwan after discharged, as per JungShiauLin's words that they experienced tough time to got legal residency from Honduras, therefore, very likely they killed the local rich and famous entire linked family chain, then taken over all their ID and belonging left behind, they may still run their private business, and got hide away when business not running smoothly like they want, I remeber JungShiauLin once got one of a Taiwan "武官" and his wife came to my Humble, TX house seeing our house like their passing by hotel, I trying to refuse them to come, they just like a shameless begger to force me to take them in, that made me not willing to answer the phone after that evil experience with those sucking Taiwan official "BiLay", those d 太平洋房屋ischarge "武官" staying out of Taiwan, should all be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. ??? some rich and famous Honduras citizen ID ##I remember JungShiauLin brought JungTieLin JungYaoLin "Young.Lead.娟 " went to visit their another relative "Sean. 宗.Lin" the year 2003, then "Sean. 宗.Lin" brought his wife and his two daughters and one son out of their Honduras House that locating at SanPedroSula that house phone No.5o4.5577082, they did not told me where they were going, I was wondering why, now I look back realized that they must be sent to take over some Honduras real citizens ID left behind, because "Sean. 宗.Lin" and all his kids may be his wife speaking local language more than 10 years long##and shipped those bodies out of Honduras, then taken over those ID and all bank account, land, treasures those Honduras citizens left behind. I remember along with "Gwall.月.Shot" and JungTieLin, there's another couple came with them from "Sin.Drew", said that couple there very close relatives, that male said an outstanding construction engeneer, I don't remember their nam 小額信貸es, but I remember I disliked them very much, therefore, they were moved out of my Honduras House to gone to JungShiauLin's brother JungYaoLin's house, JungYaoLin looked like HongKong movie star "6.德.What"; JungYaoLin's wife from Tainan also, her name "Young.Lead.娟 " the same name as that "6.德.What" female fan that said that female fan's dad jumpped into HongKong sea line committed suicide; JungYaoLin and his wife "Young.Lead.娟 " both from "Tainan.Chen.Duck.Yell.Jane.Boot" that 孫振潭+++He's" officially Guardian of me " Chinese called "監護人" when I was sent to orphanage "華興育幼院", he ordered his personal loyalty 王丕俊 and 周長根 to send me back and forth every where, that how come I ended up to live along with him and his kids after I left "華興育幼院" behind. There's no way I could find their house without himself or his personal loyalty to led me there+++ said was teaching there quit long time ago. "Gwall.月.Shot" husband "JungTieLin" looked like "Sung.True.Yu", therefore, "Gwall.月.Shot" may very likely another 租辦公室 form of "Chen.0ne.Sway"@@ "Sheng.Shower.Sin" @@As per JungShiauLin's words that "Sheng.Shower.Sin" sister, brother or brother in law sister in law owen big ocean ship transportation business in Africa, therefore, it's very likely they may have had sold out lots of African soil also. JungShiauLin's dad "Sean.What.Lin" had stayed in Africa years when JungShiauLin still too young to be old enough to go to school, he's an expert of construction of Sugar machinery and manufacturer. @@drove sea line road along Texas through Mexico, Guatemala, into Honduras in the year 2003, must because they need to see by themselfs at the first place to see how to ship those tons of piles up soil, I remember I saw lots soil piled up on the road side along the sea line, there's rare human form showed up, there's wondering passing by my mind a while at that time, but I did not second thought, because I had too many trouble in my own inside, now I look back realized that this soil rob/stealing must have done quite a time long already, like the film "Water World" showed soil is money, like Chinese said "Yo.Tool.4.Yo.China"; therefore, I realized h 商務中心ow come JungShiauLin not drove through Salvador into Honduras as supposed, must because I did see that road between Honduras and Salvador built long long long time that scene like the scene I saw along the Texas-Mexico-Guatema sea line. They built that road between Honduras and Salvador so long, must because they need to steal those soil in a very very quiet dark time, and the ship line schedule in Central America was very hard to rush, therefore, they must have to drag that work as slow as possible to lie. > moved out uncountable of piles? We the State of Texas has the rule not to allow anyone to have basement at home in order to make sure we don't like New0rlean to become under sea level, yet just in one FM 1960 road in very short distance they already digged our well constructed wide good road built in 1960 out 3 underground cross over, one in I-45, one in Kuykendahl, one in 249<the distance between 1960 at I-45 and 1960 at Kuykendahl about 5-10 minutes driving distance; the distance between 1960 at Kuykendahl and 1960 at 249 about 10-20 minutes driving distance>; I am a woman most time stay at home, even I can see three underground cross over that 買屋 violated Texas no basement rule on the public street, how many more out of my sight? We the woman may just seat there waiting for God to call, you the first class man, must have no right to seat there doing nothing like we the second class human form, you need to call up all farmers to take over entire land of your own State or your entire USA like MouJerDong <Therefore, I realized that those soil sold out crimes happened in Mainland China long time ago already that how MouJerDong had the entire farmers in Mainland China supported to seal the border; and the old who knew those soil sold out crime most gone, the left behind too old too little to have a say, therefore, those soil sold out criminals even enlarged more to got the path and stick to remove all Chinese best natural most beautiful "長.John.3.Shot" out of the earth. They did the same crime in Taiwan also, the soil that I had lived with my parents before I was 8 years old all gone. Therefore, I realized how come "Formosa Group"-臺塑集體 so eagerly to built so many gas stations and car wash around the world, not just in Taiwan, in Honduras the name called "0n the Run"; in Texas or USA they call the name Valero that link to 小型辦公室Victoria Zuo-281.2088324 3414 Plymouth Pointe Lane, Missouri City, TX 77459-713.7673759 713.6664966 5555 West Loop Suite 300 Honston, Texas. Victoria Zuo another form of Taiwan female singer Teresa Teng used that name to occupy USA public office as a supervisor to controll/watch the chemical related factories air/environment pollution linked to Formosa Group chained investment in Texas or entire USA. They built so many gas stations in every where I've passed by recently made me wondering why, now I realized that it must be their multiply sinister evil plot, because gas station and car wash can allow them to dig as many soil under the ground deeply, the same time they can waste as much as water to dry our land, they not only taken away all your precious soil, they can also make lot money from your driving by, the same time to waste your water to make you no place to cry. Therefore, I realized how come the entire Guatemals soil all gone out of the street sight, must all gone to Victoria Zuo -Teresa Teng-Lo Yean-JungShiauLin-Formosa Group @@Formosa Group links to "Swim.Jack" 孫傑 886-5-2766876; 303-5718377/2522250; 孫傑's 孫振潭 oldest son, 孫振潭's Taiwan former President "LeeDoneWheel" another 租辦公室form : 214.5177917 714.5578360 RM.103. 孫傑's wife or ex-wife "China.May.Wheel" 886.9.29196247 510.6496706. 孫傑's sister 孫欣 886.7.3513121/7416503. 孫欣 's husband "Rick Wu" No.16 Da-shun 9th Road Tainan Science Park, SinShih Township, Tainan County, Tainan 741, R.0.C. 886.7.6413621 ext.333 886.7.6424828 886.9.28696180 @@ pot.> had done to kill all liar politicians, and seal our border not to allow anyone run out of their crime scene and force every man to work, any man dare lazy like a woman must be killed and go to hells, any woman cannot have a man willing work to feed her, just let her starve to die. ) like they played before. Shame on those States in the North Side ever fighted the civil war with the South, because those North Side fighted the civil war with South must all liars and sinister thieves that stolen the soil and land out of USA military force. Any one own big land inside USA out of military team like Bush family showed must be the liar and thief remaining, they should all return their land back to USA military force, or be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店兼職  .


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